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Elevating tomorrow's technology from ideas to independence

Bringing a real touch to a digital world.


Elevate, Innovate, Launch:
The Real Way

Our core mission is to conceive, incubate, and launch ground-breaking ideas from within and preparing them to stand independently in the global market.



To innovate and incubate unique ideas, transforming them into independent, successful companies while empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs


Our distinction lies in our commitment to originality. We build market-ready ventures from the ground up, invest in visionary entrepreneurial talent, and lead rather than follow innovation.


We operate on a foundation of reality and entrepreneurial spirit, focusing on in- house development and strategic investments to nurture and launch successful businesses


At RWT, our business model consists of a blend of allocating the right mix of talent, technology, and capital to transform ideas into prototypes and scalable business models.

Innovation & Incubation:

Idea Generation: Our journey starts with in-house idea generation. We foster a culture of innovation where our team continuously explores and develops new concepts, particularly in dynamic sectors like health and finance.

Development & Incubation: Once an idea takes shape, we move into the development phase. Here, we allocate resources, including expert teams and technology, to turn these ideas into viable business models. During incubation, we focus on refining the product or service, market testing, and preparing the venture for a successful launch.

Operational Autonomy

After a venture has matured and is market-ready, we launch it as an independent entity. This involves strategic planning for market entry, scaling, and establishing a self-sustaining business model. Our role shifts to providing oversight and strategic support.

Use of Advanced Technologies for tomorrow’s enterprises

At RWT, our expert teams are at the forefront of technological integration, embedding advanced and emerging technologies into every facet of our business processes.

By incorporating many innovative technologies such as various forms of artificial intelligence into our business processes and the core of our developed ideas, we are accelerating the growth of these new ventures while making room for continued progress and future relevance.







 Weteringschans 165 C, 1017 - Amsterdam

 Kemperplatz 1 Mitte D, 10785 - Berlin

 Asariye Cami Çıkmazı No:5, 34349 - Istanbul


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